Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Overcoming the Inertia to Adopt Ecommerce

While experts keep harping on the multitude of benefits B2B portals offer, the unfortunate part is, numerous SMEs are still ignoring it.
The question that rings in our ears is: With so much technological development going on, why are manufacturers ignoring ecommerce? 
It is a different cup of tea for consumer items. With buy anywhere- anytime features packed on smartphones, retail transactions are at a new level.
But what is wrong with small and medium manufacturers?
The reasons could be many including multiple processes and product lines, complex sales funnels, and so on. 
Why are these issues unique to B2B businesses?

Let us discuss some of them and how these can be overcome.

The need for sensible pricing
Profits are closely related to expenditure on raw materials and components. It is no wonder manufacturers look for a long term partner who trades on a competitive price basis. 
In short, companies want to establish B2B relationships based on predefined rules and contract terms. 
The pressure of tight delivery schedules 
Business consumers want their items at lightning speed. Extremely tight schedules can get on anybody’s nerves. 
By using certain logistic tools, the schedule fulfillment process can be streamlined to a great extent. 
Too many products with similar specifications
This can be confusing even for a discerning buyer. The best bet is a robust site search. 
Where else can you get reliable information than in a portal like Esources? 
According to  review, the portal has an incredibly large vendor base. A member of this portal can search for an item based on exacting specs or specific attributes. 
The need to update
Many SMEs might not be aware that sophisticated ecommerce technology exists that enables clients to get alerts on custom products in real time. 
As per an Esources review, this B2B portal is the best resource to get the latest information on products and services in real time. 
It is high time SMEs start leveraging B2B portals. 

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